Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Margaret Hale outfit

My favorite period drama in the way of clothes: North and South - the A&E version. I understand there is a mini-series 'The North and South' about the American Civil war, but I haven't heard many good things about it. This one is about the North and South of England about ten years before our civil war. Margaret Hale, the heroine has only one dress I disapprove of, for it's extremely low neckline. Blech.

This outfit is a black patterned basque over a striped dark green/black/grey skirt. It has a black satin collar and wide black satin binding on the sleeves. It looks as if she is actually wearing a white waist under it with full sleeves instead of the false sleeves popular during the civil war era.

I really like this skirt. She wears another of the same pattern (I think) under the black basque above.The back of the waist, showing her underbody under it all. I like her hair!!!!

My skirt, made from an old tablecloth, as I don't like fooling around with fabric I've bought. I don't think it's very period correct, but it's close enough to me that I don't feel ridiculous working on it. :D

I started out making a train but decided against it and chopped it ruthlessly off. I like stripes!! They're so mathematical.
The waist is going to be made out of white voile, very nice and limp. :D Read drapey.

And this is a Punch cartoon I thought was funny. :D

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  1. wow good job! I love the skirt. :D

    Margaret Hale from North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell is one of the extraordinary heroines of Classic Lit. Elizabeth Gaskell isn't quite as known or as celebrated as Dickens or the Brontes, people who had been big friends of hers, according to her biography, but she was a gifted writer in her own right and her talent shows in this wonderful gem which I will reread again in the not-so-distant future.