Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anna's Sleeping Beauty outfit, and Katherine in her new cloak and Bonnet

More of Anna and Katherine - took these two months ago, but only just now have finished editing! :D This is before I took in the waist for Anna's wool skirt, and you can see the white waistband under the green waist. Not so great, but I fixed that when we went to Wolcott Mills.

Katherine, I'm not too happy with her gown. I sized down Anna's old dress and put a sizeable tuck in the skirts so Katherine could wear it, but I made a mistake in the back, and didn't really have the time or inclination to fix it. I had her wear an old white waist I'd made Anna to begin with, so she would keep warm, and it's also too long in the arms for her.

I am happy with the cloak. I had a remnant from Grandma of some wool, as well as a Vintage (hehe) rabbit fur collar. I cut a half circle of the wool, bound the edges in black cotton, basted on the collar and voila! I wanted to do a pattern around the edges of the cloak, in black satin ribbon (very narrow) but again, didn't have time. Add it to my project list!