Monday, May 25, 2009

Dressed at last!

Finally got most of us gowned for a Memorial day event at Greenfield village. I planned to cloth seven of our ten, and only ended up clothing four, but those un-civil-war clothed enjoyed the day even without costume from another time.
The back of Lauren's hat. Didn't really get any good pictures of it.
more of a closeup on the crochet collar: this was the end of the day, I'd been up till three the night before and up at seven thirty, so I was tired, a little pink and quite hot. Not at my prettiest, I'm afraid, but still cheerful, which is really what counts in the end.
Katherine in a dress made entirely of my own pattern. Not difficult in and of itself, seeing as the pattern is almost entirely constructed of rectangles, but still gives me a sense of accomplishment.
a closeup of Lauren's hat, though I need to get pics of the inside and back as well. It dips down in front and back.
Lovely Leah in the first gown I made after finding the Sewing Academy. This one has been almost done for about four months, and I finally put the collar on Saturday night. It's only whipped on, and I shall take it off to wash it. I'm not done with the ribbon trim: it still is not even enough to suit me.
The backs of both the dresses. I think I am actually supposed to gather the back of Leah's as it is gathered in the front...Next time, I guess. It's actually shaped to her, though I hadn't known about the side seams being further back than the side, and they actually ended up directly in line with her shoulders instead of being closer to the back of her waist.
Lauren with hoop...
And without, in her work petticoat and pinner which she made herself, so she could cook over the open fire.
With some acquaintances: The lady in the purple plaid asked us (indirectly, through a mutual friend) to model Civil War Gowns for a talk she was giving on fashion at a local cultural center last year, and we really enjoyed wearing the gowns. She was tickled that we were there in our own costume this year, and that we came to say hello.
And all four in costume, grouped for a picture. I've never had so many perfect strangers ask for my picture; it was quite flattering. :D

Nana just gave me some more pictures which she and Papa took:


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

More hair!

These two pictures/diagrams are the 'inspiration' so to speak for our cousin Amanda's short hairdo. She got her hair wacked off accidentally, and this was what we found to do with it. It turned out a little more like a 40s do with the high bun, but we're happy with it!