Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Margaret Hale outfit

My favorite period drama in the way of clothes: North and South - the A&E version. I understand there is a mini-series 'The North and South' about the American Civil war, but I haven't heard many good things about it. This one is about the North and South of England about ten years before our civil war. Margaret Hale, the heroine has only one dress I disapprove of, for it's extremely low neckline. Blech.

This outfit is a black patterned basque over a striped dark green/black/grey skirt. It has a black satin collar and wide black satin binding on the sleeves. It looks as if she is actually wearing a white waist under it with full sleeves instead of the false sleeves popular during the civil war era.

I really like this skirt. She wears another of the same pattern (I think) under the black basque above.The back of the waist, showing her underbody under it all. I like her hair!!!!

My skirt, made from an old tablecloth, as I don't like fooling around with fabric I've bought. I don't think it's very period correct, but it's close enough to me that I don't feel ridiculous working on it. :D

I started out making a train but decided against it and chopped it ruthlessly off. I like stripes!! They're so mathematical.
The waist is going to be made out of white voile, very nice and limp. :D Read drapey.

And this is a Punch cartoon I thought was funny. :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

Portrait of Leigh

Just so when she eventually sees this she'll know I didn't post all bad pictures of her. :D

Leigh's dress

Ok ya'll, this is my current project with Leigh. Still waiting for Amanda to come back so I can take photos of her in her gown, so hang on. I know you are all waiting with baited breath, but just hang on a leetle longer and all your hopes (and dreams and longings :D) will be answered.

Thank you. Please hold the applause.

Very rudimentary drawing of the dress I wish to make for the blondie-girl.
Misc. Pictures of the blondie girl for reference (so you can see how blindingly beautiful she looks in my 'creations'.)

Ditto. Back view of Hope's dress which Leigh can wear. She's not smug at all. :D

Very wrinkly fabric which I shall have to either starch or get wet and iron before all the stubborn wrinkles come out. We found it together at Joanns. I favored a champagne colored calico with a white leaf print, but Leigh liked this one better and I must say it looks period correct.

Just so you can see how large the print is. My good scissors are roughly a foot and some inches long.
That's it for now, folks! I'll post updates since I don't need to wait for someone to come over to take pictures.
Oh, and don't tell Leigh, this is her Birthday Present.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amanda's Ball gown

My current project. I'm a little ways away from finishing: Amanda is coming over Thursday for the final. Then we are going to start a jacket for her walking gown. This is a sage green dupioni ball gown. I just found out that dupioni is quite incorrect for the period, but oh well. Next time we'll do one that is correct-er. :D

The inside neckline facing. I didn't use the same color thread as lining, but I don't think anyone will ask to see. Amanda originally started this ball gown on her own but got stuck and came to ask for help. We ended up doing a lot of things she hadn't started out to do.

Inside waist facing. much wider than is period correct, but I'll not quibble. The metal gromets are likewise incorrect, but we're going for basic look not detail. I did handsew an awful lot of things, though, because it would have shown otherwise. I've gotten a lot better at handsewing than I used to be. At one time hemming six yards of skirt by hand would have looked like a daunting task.

Nana gave me this lace from Grandma Brick's stash, after she had died and no longer wanted it. Maybe it's sentimental, but I think it's nice that Grandma's lace will go on a ballgown.

This is the outside of the top. I put in a modesty panel on the lefthand side, and the cord is cream colored.
Pictures of Amanda in the dress will come when she visits on Thursday. -Anne