Thursday, May 13, 2010

A petticoat!

So I thought I'd sell a petticoat on eBay and make some money. I decided to make it a tucked petticoat because it's unusual for the petticoats selling on eBay and it just plain sells for more money. I bought a bolt of muslin (turns out that broadcloth is actually closer to the stuff actually used in the 1860s) at an exTREmely good rate, and set to. I started off with a six yard long piece that was 108" wide, thinking I'd take up all the excess with tucks.

Do you know how long it takes to tuck a 6 yard piece of fabric? I'm fast, and I averaged half an hour per tuck! I usually measure, iron, sew and iron again, and then start the process all over! I hand felled the one seam I put in (not too period correct, but I did it for simplicity's sake) hand-gauged the waist, hand sewed the band to the gauging and voila! It is beautiful. I tried it on and immediately ripped a long tear next to my beautifully hand-felled seam, though. After I had re-enforced the rear opening (with an excellent attitude, I might add! I was so glad that my first reaction was to start thinking of how to fix it, not be upset!!) I realized that I didn't want to sell it. That is the one problem with liking what I do so much. My creations are mine, and I don't want to give them up. Feeling some empathy with those flaky artists who want to concentrate on their art and not be bothered with vulgar monetary matters. :D

So here is my petticoat, now listed on eBay for a shockingly high price. I'm attempting to see what exactly it is worth to other people.