Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mauve wool gown

It's been a while since I've posted last, but I hope to remedy that in the next several months. I have a few sewing projects lined up and I'm starting to have time worked out to do them again. One thing I would really like to work on is how LONG it takes me to do something. I've recently discovered the joys of handsewing things, which is good because the piece of clothing is less bulky and more workable, but bad because it takes a lot longer, and I didn't have that much time in the first place. However, handsewing makes things a lot more portable. I would like to make it so I can do quality work (up to MY standards) in a 24 hour period without breaking my fingers or my back. :D Sounds simple, right? Those of you who sew know it's not so much. Those of you who don't probably have an idea! One of the biggest things I've decided to do is make the same dress over and over. I have a pretty good imagination when it comes to making the same design six or seven different ways and I don't get tired of a thing easily. I just hope I find other people who agree with me to buy the gorgeous stuff! :D Here is my current project, and I didn't get around to bringing in the camera until well into it. My grandmother asked me to talk a bit about wedding gowns of the American Civil War era to her Quester's group which was doing a report on wedding gowns of the eras. It was short notice to get a dress done and she knew it, so told me IF I had anything suitable to wear it, if I would. I didn't...though I had been planning this dress last year when she asked me if I could do this for a much larger scale wedding show they had been planning to do this past January. I'd also been planning a bonnet, and hoping to buy a bonnet veil, but I didn't have time for either. So of course I couldn't just give the talk. And usually four weeks is more than enough for me to make a dress in, but this time we were working on two different houses and I've had a lot more responsibilities given to me since last year. I wanted to do a double point in the front (thought this was called a postillion bodice, but it turns out it's not. I don't really know the proper name for it IS) and double box pleats, and lots of these faceted glass buttons down the front. The sleeves again have the silk pleating on the inside, and I am currently playing with decorations.
This is my current model, though I might change it. Obviously the decorations would continue on BOTH sides of the gown! I do like asymmetry, but not to that extent. ETA: More trim ideas!