Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair, glorious hair!

Rita's hair: I parted her hair in half and braided both halves high above the ear

If you pick up the braid there is a hollow between the head and the beginning of the braid.

If you flip the braid up and push it gently into the hollow, without pushing the ends up and out into the sunlight...

You can secure the braid to itself with a ribbon and get:

Cute little Kirsten braids!

Leigh: I parted her hair horizontally at the crown

Took the front quarter and twisted it up and out of the way, took another piece from the back, very thin, both sides

Braided the little pieces on both sides and secured them with a discarded hair from Leigh's head, wound around and around the end: I read about this on The Sewing Academy's website; one of the lady's great-grandmother used to do this, and I thought it was a great idea!

Length of braid...

Rolled the back into a bun.

crossed the little braids over the horizontal part and secured them with an X of small pins at the crown. I think I need to get some pins that are closer to Leigh's hair color!

reverse rolled the front hair and twisted it around the bun, over the braids. More pins....

view of the back, from up high. I think next time I'll use one fatter braid instead of two thinner ones.

And Leigh's sweet face...awww ;) Poor Leigh was not feeling well, and I couldn't get any good pictures of her.

Hope's hair: length

Parted it down the center and then from behind ear to behind ear. :D Wound the back hair into a bun

braided the front hair high above the ear, and close to the front of the head, secured the braid with self-hair as with Leigh.

Braids over tops of ears and wound around the bun from the bottom - I didn't notice the assymetry of the braid loops at the bottom of the bun until Hope put her head down!

Side, to show part

And front, not as wide as I wanted to make it, but oh well. If I make the braids looser they fall out and make frizzies much more easily.

That's all for now, folks! I'll be doing more hair later.