Monday, February 23, 2009

My own gown

This is the first civil war era gown I ever made, and it actually belongs to the mid-50s instead of the 60s. There are things about it that are correct and things that aren't. For my debut I used an old tablecloth so I wasn't wasting fabric, and it actually turned out well. There was not enough cloth to make a decent skirt (it's not full enough in the back, as you can see,) but I'm happy with it, all in all. I used black velvet to augment the skirt, make it a little bigger and longer, which actually worked out. The collar is also black velvet.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amanda's ballgown - second post

Amanda's ballgown, y'all! I must tell you that I didn't want to make her go out in the cold but she wanted some pictures and was willing to go outside to have them taken. I must say it was pretty neat to take them outside, and she is much braver than this cold soul. :D
The skirt is a dirndle skirt, pleated at the sides and back with a flat front. There is a bertha to go with the gown but I'm not too happy with it and am making another. The gown is Dupioni, but we didn't find out until after half-making it that dupioni is wrong for the period. Waaah!
Poor Amanda accidentally got her hair cut short before taking these photos. I couldn't get it to stay in anything very well, and she's trying to grow it out before her ball in May!
The back of the gown in black and white doesn't show the beautiful (un-period correct) bright blue metal railing. And yes, while bright blue colored paint was probably invented at the time, I doubt that style and color of railing was. :D
Amanda on the path, wearing my cloak Michelle made me for my 14th birthday. It's dark blue with white ribbon embroidery around the hood. One of my favorite birthday presents.
We intend to take more pictures later, when it's springtime and all the beautiful crocuses are up. We'll have to wait for an un-muddy day, though. Don't want all that silk coming to grief.
My favorite part of this dress is the hem, which even closeup is invisible. My stitches have finally come to the point where it's possible.
Since this is a dancing dress for a girl just 'out' the hem is shorter than most. It's difficult to dance in a floor length dress for even the most initiated, but Amanda chose to go the shorter route. You can *gasp* see her feet when you're sitting down and she's standing. :D