Monday, October 11, 2010

At last! Wolcott Mills, October 10th, 2010

I haven't sewn very much this summer, being busy with a lot of other things like three weddings, two houses and a few showers into the bargain. :D

But I have been sewing more regularly the past couple of weeks, and I made, for Anna, a swiss waist, a waist, and a wool skirt - extremely high fashion, and just what I've been wanting to make. I bought the wool for the skirt in a sale from last year - 9 yards for $17.50!!! It is a wool blend - wool, silk and cotton. Pretty nice to work with - feels very smooth for wool, probably because of the silk - and has a really nice drape and hand.

The silk for the swiss body is from a ballgown I made last year for our cousin. It's dupioni, which I don't like to use for period stuff, but I'd never made a swiss waist before, and wanted to use scraps. I did a self fabric trim - pleats of a self=fabric strip, with fringed edges.

The white waist is swiss dot, with a half-high lining of muslin. I've put hook-and-eyes on the closure, but I want to put buttons. It gaps at the top because I didn't put enough hook-and-eyes on...didn't have enough time to fix it because I was doing the hook-and-eyes last minute, of course.

I refitted Anna's gown for Katherine. I just but a large tuck in the skirt, and shortened the yoke, but I'd like to make a dress for her for next year that's a little nicer than a calico dress.

I'll be posting more pictures soon!

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