Friday, February 26, 2010

More ballgown stuff!

I've re-emerged from Kristy's ballgown - all finished, but I didn't get any good pictures of us at the ball, so she's going to have to come over and do a photo shoot - and restarted some work on my own. We've been very busy over Christmas and January, and I haven't gotten much done on my own things, but I completed a ballgown for Kristy, a Christmas dress for Katherine, and several odd jobs not entirely worth mentioning.

I've not gotten the top mostly done. It doesn't have the eyelets for the lacing done up yet, but essentially it is done. The skirt is giving me some trouble, however. It's in two layers - the underskirt, which is Habotai, and the overskirt, which is silk organza, both of which figured in my last post. :D

I'm using the Kay Gnagey pattern for a ballgown, sold by Simplicity, for the bodice, but the skirt is all mine. Especially as it is the easier of the two to make a pattern for! I've asked around for advice, and I think that I will be making the skirt in two parts, attached to two waistbands, one shorter than the other, and I will attach the organza to the shorter waistband, attach the waistband to the larger one, on top of the Habotai, and bast both to the inside of my bodice.


  1. Wow! Your dress is turning out great! :) Can't wait to see pics of you in it....
    ~PrincessR (Rebecca HSA)

  2. STUNNING!!!! I absolutely love it! Yes, your friend must do a photo shoot! I would love to see her in it.... :)

    Sarah H. (PrincessR's sister.. means I am a princess too! lol)