Sunday, March 29, 2009

Current projects!

These past two weeks I've been working on a skirt and basque for my cousin, a dress for my sister, and I just finished a bonnet for another sister.

No pictures of the gown for Hope, but I got some pictures of Rita in the bonnet. It's not period correct, but I needed something fast and cheap and this was it. It sort of approximates the look, but I think I'll take the curtain off and make it longer. It doesn't look right. I braided her hair in two braids and looped them up, tying them with ribbons, which looks really cute with the bonnet. She wore it the whole night right after I finished it. I have no pictures of the braids as of yet, but that shall follow when her outfit is done.

Amanda's basque is coming along well! At the moment it is mostly assembled, but it's been slow work as Amanda is working on it with me and can only come over once a week or so. It fits beautifully, and I've been grateful to have her corset to dress my dressform with.

The skirt is pinned on and together at the moment, but I find that pinning and draping things first cuts down on seam-ripping! I hope to find a brooch to hold her ribbon, otherwise I think I might just give her a nice bow. The Western Theme belt brooch is just not all that PC! The false sleeves are from a blouse Amanda had that we tore apart and pieced back together. It's not as full in the sleeve as I'd like, but it works and is pretty, and Amanda is pleased with it. I like the lace, and I like the ladylikeness of the outfit. All in all, it reminds me of 'An Old-fashioned Girl' by Louisa May Alcott. So I shall call it 'Polly', in snooty tribute to her.

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